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Learn how to snack less in 30 days

Are your snacking habits leaving you unhappy with the way you look or feel?

You already know what to eat, but has anyone ever taught you how to stop eating?

Achieve more discipline around food with the guidance of an online programme that has been designed by a professional life coach.

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30 days

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Daily coaching sessions at a time that suits you

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Just add a pen & notepad

Free guide: stop snacking in 4 simple steps

 Learn the snackless strategy for FREE

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Why snack less?

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Reduce calorie intake

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Reduce your environmental impact

Save money

Achieve a healthier lifestyle

Ditch short term dieting. Change your snacking habits for good with snackless.

How does the programme work?

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Snack less forever

Am I ready for a programme like snackless?

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What can I expect?

Listen to a snippet of a day on the programme

Day 3 - Identifying your motivation
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  • 69.99£
    Valid for 6 months

One-off payment. Access expires 6 months after purchase

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Devi, from Middlesex

"Trying this new approach and actually seeing the results was a massive win for me. The plan calls for monitoring and increasing self-awareness over time, which I found to be really powerful and successful."

Becca, from Kent

"The length of each session really fits into my day and I don't feel that you are preaching, telling me what to do, making me want to dig my heels in with snacking etc.

It's made me realise that I want to change the snacks I'm eating. Snackless has created a foundation for me wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle."

Hilary, from Northampton

"Have just made it to Day 30... What a terrific programme, Laura. I am SO much more aware of what snacks I eat and when and where which all gives me a bit more control over snacking decisions. And the importance of eating proper meals - that really reduces my snack urges - I had never linked that before."
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