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Get motivated to weigh less in 40 minutes

Do you want to lose weight but don't have the motivation to get started?

Is your weight leaving you feeling unhappy with the way you look or feel?

Start losing weight immediately with the guidance of a professional life coach.


40 mins

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Watch the coaching video

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Write down answers as you go

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Why try weighless?

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Achieve your weight loss goals faster than you could alone

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You can re-watch the video frequently to keep up momentum

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You decide what weight loss strategies will work for you

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Quick results for a low cost investment

How does Weighless work?

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Start losing weight immediately

  • 19.99£
    Valid for 3 months

One-off payment. Access expires 3 months after purchase.

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I completed the 40 minute weighless programme and I enjoyed that it made me think deeper about the reasons I stopped working towards my goals and how I can get back on track.

Free Taster

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By the end you'll have clarity around what you want to achieve and why.

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