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Snackless FAQs

How will you get me to stop snacking?

The snackless programme teaches a very simple method to stop you from responding to every urge to eat. That method is DISTRACTION. Distraction is used as a method to treat people with binge eating disorders, therefore it follows that distraction works for anyone experiencing an urge to eat something they don't really want or need (like, all of us reaching for those biscuits mid-afternoon!).


So all you need to do to avoid over-eating is recognise your first thought about food as it’s happening, and then distract yourself with an alternative activity so that the urge to eat subsides. Clearly, knowing this isn't enough to actually make you eat less - you have to practice. This is where the snackless programme comes in. The snackless programme guides you at a specific pace so that you can practice (1) recognising your urges to eat (2) finding different distracting activities that suit your lifestyle (3) implementing the ones that work for you, so you get real, long lasting results.

What do the daily coaching sessions entail?

You will be guided through simple activities as you listen to the coaching session. These typically involve writing down your answers to specific questions. You are given time to answer within each session, but can pause the session if you need longer.


There are other coaching techniques such as visualisations and affirmations, all carefully designed to help you change your snacking habits.  

Can I do the coaching session at any time of day?

Yes. You can listen to the coaching session at any time that's convenient to you. If you choose to listen at the same time each day you're more likely to maintain momentum with the programme, but this is not essential. You will need to write answers to questions and take part in activities, so you can't listen when say.. walking the dog!

What happens if I miss a day?

If you miss a day recording your food or you miss a coaching session, it’s important to get back on track as soon as possible. You have to fill in the food journal and listen to a coaching session for it to count as a completed day on the programme. Here's an example:

What counts as a day on the programme.PNG

Can I expect to reduce snacking immediately?

The short answer is no, because the programme is deliberately designed to help you snack less forever, not just for the 30 days. Research shows that people who achieve long term success do not do so overnight.

The first 9 days are dedicated to understanding your current habits and excuses to snack. From day 10 onwards you'll make snacking plans each day to see when you're most likely to impulse-snack. Then with a solid understanding of where you're starting from and enhanced motivation, from Day 15 onwards you will start to actively practice snacking less. There are opportunities to make the programme more challenging or easier for yourself.

Can I use my phone rather than a notepad & pen?

Yes. However it's recommended that you use a physical notepad because it's easier to follow the format of the programme. 

The snackless workbook is available to buy separately on amazon. This gives you the format you need for the food journal and space to take part in the daily coaching sessions. It's also small enough to carry around with you.

Will you tell me what to eat?

What you eat on the programme is up to you and nobody sees what you log in your food journal. The programme teaches you how to stop yourself from eating when you don't want to, so it doesn't matter what that food actually is.

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